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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability


Our Sustainability Journey

At Auria, we place as much priority on our people and environment as we do on our business objectives. Therefore, we have implemented a new governance model aimed at enhancing sustainability efforts by fostering collaboration among cross-functional groups and instilling a culture of accountability.

This initiative has been supported by the development of an updated Environmental Policy, positively received by stakeholders, leading to notable improvements in SAQ scores.

While maintaining a consistent CDP score, efforts are underway to refine strategic roadmaps for future advancements:

  • Emphasis is placed on data quality, with the incorporation of relevant KPIs to drive informed decision-making.
  • Globally, comprehensive energy roadmaps are underway, demonstrating a notable surge in the adoption of renewable electricity and a simultaneous decrease in overall energy consumption, notably within Europe. There has been a remarkable 24% reduction in total energy consumption in 2023 compared to the baseline of 2020, consequently leading to a significant 15% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Progress has been achieved reducing our Water Footprint: Europe and North America achieved substantial reductions in water consumption. Europe impressively cut water usage by 50% from 2020 to 2023, while North America also made significant progress by reducing consumption by 28% during the same period.
  • The innovation pipeline is oriented towards sustainability, focusing on recycled materials and lifecycle assessments to meet customer demands while reducing environmental impact.

Though still in the early stages of our sustainability journey, we are eager and committed to creating a strong governance model and a long-term strategy to drive our sustainability ambitions.  We believe in full transparency and accountability in our journey to contribute to a more circular economy and are proud of the progress we have made so far.