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Engine Compartment & Encapsulation

Noise and heat are an ever-present challenge in the engine compartment of conventional ICE vehicles, while new mobility powertrains often require specialized solutions for this issue. No matter the propulsion, Auria’s lightweight and versatile engine compartment components are engineered to mitigate vehicle noise and heat as well as shield occupants and critical electronic systems from electromagnetic interferences in new mobility applications. Auria provide innovative components for your engine compartment and encapsulation applications including:

  • Battery covers
  • Dash outers
  • Tunnel outers
  • Water boxes
  • Exterior body
  • Encapsulation

Featured Innovations in Engine Compartment & Encapsulation


Intercept EV EncapsulationTM

Auria’s Intercept EV EncapsulationTM developed a unique and customizable acoustic solution that isolates and silences undesirable noises emanating from the electric powertrain using EV Encapsulations with a hydrophobic and absorptive Polyurethane foam system. 

This component-level solution offers many mounting methods and acts in concert with the EV’s system acoustics to eliminate noises unique to the electric propulsion system thereby ensuring a quiet and comfortable driving experience.


  • Excellent NVH performance
  • Design flexibility to meet the most challenging packaging requirements

Engine compartment tunnel insulators and outer dashes

Dash & Tunnel Outers

Lightweight semi-rigid polyurethane foam that provides superior sound absorption, high-temperature stability, perfect for harsh environment of vehicle exterior and motor bay.


  • Lightweight
  • Superior sound absorption performance and thermal insulation
  • Moldable to fit the complex vehicle geometry