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Flooring Systems

From luxury textile surfaces to durable technical flooring systems, Auria has the right flooring solutions for any type of vehicle. No matter the application, our flooring systems are highly engineered to enhance comfort, appearance, durability and acoustic performance, while helping to make vehicles lighter and more sustainable. Auria has a full range of flooring systems for vehicles of all types and propulsions including:

  • Tufted & Non-woven carpets
  • Technical flooring systems
  • Floor insulators
  • Floor mats
  • Inner wheel arch insulators

Featured Innovations in Flooring Systems

Nonwoven Carpets


Duralite™ is Auria’s latest innovation for non-woven floor carpet featuring improved abrasion performance at lighter face weight than competition. DuraliteTM floor carpet is made of a single material that is 100% recyclable and will be in production in 2025 on a North American electric vehicle program.


  • Mono-material, 100% recyclable
  • High recycled content
  • High abrasion performance
  • Lightweight
  • Good acoustics
  • Best performing non-woven carpet in the market

EV Flooring Technology


Intercept™ is a lightweight shielding system for EV and hybrid powertrains that can be integrated into Auria’s flooring systems to mitigate vehicle noise and shield occupants and critical electronic systems from electromagnetic interference.


  • Lightweight
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • EMI shielding
  • Complexity reduction

Utility Floor Systems


Designed for the rugged 4×4 off-road environment, ArmorliteTM flooring is a durable, stylish and practical alternative to traditional floor carpeting. Made from a marine-grade TPO, Armorlite provides:

  • Best-in-class scratch & mar resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Integrated water management and floor drainage
  • Stain-resistance and much more. 

Armorlite is the perfect match for any off-road special-edition truck or SUV.    


  • Best-in-class durability
  • Stain and scratch resistance
  • Thermal insulation