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Insulators & Absorbers

No matter the propulsion system, vehicle occupants should enjoy a serene, comfortable interior environment. Auria’s acoustic systems block and absorb road and structural noise and reduce engine noise from traditional engines. For electric vehicles, the quieter motor often reveals undesirable noises previously masked by the combustion engine. Auria’s proprietary electric vehicle acoustic systems are specifically designed to alleviate this problem and ensure a quiet, comfortable ride. Auria has a full range of innovative insulator and absorber products for all vehicle types and powertrains including:

  • Inner dash insulators
  • Under seat insulators
  • Inner wheelhouse insulators
  • Absorbers
  • Inner tunnel insulators

Featured Innovations in Insulators & Absorbers

Insulator & Absorber Innovation


ECO HiLoftTMis a lightweight, 100% recyclable insulator that contains up to 80% recycled and natural fibers. 

Used as a dash insulator, the absorption level can be fully tuned to address radiated noise from ICE engines or electric motors. 

ECO HiLoftTM can also be used as a floor insulator to provide best-in-class compression recovery and acoustic performance.  


  • 30% weight reduction over standard felt
  • 100% recyclable
  • High recycled content
  • High resilience
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • Alternative to Injected Fiber Technology

Insulator & Absorber Innovation


ECOBlend® Dual Density Insulator is tuned to provide high sound transmission loss and good absorption, perfect for flooring insulator, dash insulator and other interior applications.


• Lightweight
• 100% recyclable
• High recycled content
• Superior acoustic performance that can be tuned based on vehicle requirements

Insulator & Absorber Innovation

Heavy Layer Insulator

Auria’s injected heavy layer provides superior design flexibility, fit and finish and NVH performance


  • Variable density
  • Tunable sound transmission loss performance based on vehicle requirements
  • Superior fit and finish
  • High stiffness
  • Design flexibility 
  • Integrated pass-through sealing for best acoustic performance