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AURIA believes that open communication leads to the most effective Supplier relationships. The Supplier Portal is here to support and help you find:

1. Links to AURIA’s web based applications
2. Introduction and required Forms to AURIA’s Compliance Program
3. Access to the Global Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
4. Additional information on all pertinent Applications and Communications required to successfully conduct business with AURIA globally


AURIA values our global Supplier partners who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and responsible material sourcing.

As part of our Supplier Requirements Manual and Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, AURIA requires all Suppliers to conform with AURIA’s Compliance Program.

As part of our Supplier Compliance Program, please find below links:

Are you responding to an AURIA Quality Notice? If yes, please visit the Supplier Quality Tracking System (SQTS Link) on the main page.

Thank you for your support!


At Auria, diversity is an integral part of our business strategy and we are committed to pursuing a diverse supplier base that reflects the growth of minority and women-owned businesses.

Our policy is to provide opportunities for such enterprises to ensure fair consideration as vendors of goods and services. We support the surrounding communities in which we do business and recognize that partnering with diverse businesses is an important part of our purchasing processes. No potential supplier will be precluded from consideration on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin.

What We Buy

Auria purchases a variety of product materials, including production and non-production items to operate our facilities.

Occupying market leadership position in:

  • Fiber-Based Systems
  • Flooring and Acoustic Systems

Definition Of Diverse Supplier A business qualifying as a diverse supplier requires U.S. citizenship and 51% ownership, operation and daily management. The most commonly used categories for use include:

  • MBE – Minority Business Enterprise
  • WBE – Women Business Enterprise

Minority Businesses are businesses owned by

  • African Americans
  • Hispanic Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Asian Americans

Verification on the ownership of all companies will be done on an annual basis. Contractor/suppliers must be registered a member in good standing with one or both of the following organizations and submit a current copy of certification.

National Minority Supplier Development Council affiliates or the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certification affiliates to be classified as one of the above mentioned categories.


November 21, 2019

Valued Auria Vendor,

In order to insure the efficient payment processing of vendor invoices, there are four commercial/operational conditions that must be observed by suppliers when delivering goods or services to Auria:

  1. Request a formal written Purchase Order (PO) from Auria prior to executing any deliveries of good and services. In this way, the supplier can be assured that all contractual conditions are agreed to between both parties. Invoices presented in the absence of a PO will not be processed for payment until a PO is created and approved. This will add a significant amount of time to the payment processing.
  2. Once a formal written PO is received from Auria, the supplier will find the PO number located in the top-right hand corner of the document. The issuance of the PO indicates that Auria’s ERP system is set to process payments under the conditions established in the sourcing document/agreement. In order to insure the expeditious payment of the invoice, the supplier must reference the Auria PO number on their invoice.
  3. The invoice must follow the commercial conditions agreed to and listed on the originally issued PO in order to insure on-time payments. Invoice values shall not surpass the amounts of the PO.
  4. If additional products/services are being requested by Auria above the value of the original PO, Auria personnel have been instructed to create an incremental PO versus amending the original. The vendor must issue an additional invoice referencing the NEW PO number for its efficient payment processing.

Contact your Auria buyer if you have any questions regarding this process.


Marcos De Lorenzo Tonndorf

VP of Global Supply Chain Mgmt.


21 de noviembre del 2019

Estimado proveedor,

Con la finalidad de asegurar el proceso eficiente de pago de facturas de proveeduría hay cuatro condiciones comerciales/ operativas que deben ser llevadas a cabo por proveedores al realizar entregas de bienes o servicios a Auria:

Solicitar una Orden de Compra formal escrita antes de realizar la entrega de bienes y servicios. De esta forma, el proveedor puede estar seguro de que todas las condiciones contractuales son aceptadas por ambas partes. Facturas entregadas sin una Orden de Compra no serán procesadas para pago hasta que la Orden de Compra sea generada y aprobada. Esto incrementa considerablemente la cantidad de tiempo que toma procesar el pago.

Una vez que la Orden de Compra formal y escrita es recibida por parte de Auria, el proveedor encontrará el número de Orden de Compra enlistado en la esquina superior derecha del documento. La emisión de la Orden de Compra indica que el ERP de Auria está configurada para ser pagada bajo las condiciones establecidas en la cotización/ acuerdo. Con la finalidad de asegurar el pago en tiempo de la factura, el proveedor debe referenciar el número de Orden de Compra en dicha factura.

La factura debe alinearse a los acuerdos y condiciones comerciales acordados y listados en la Orden de Compra emitida originalmente para asegurar pagos de facturas en tiempo. El valor de las facturas no deberá sobrepasar el valor de la Orden de Compra.

Si productos/ servicios adicionales son requeridos por Auria y sobrepasan el valor de la Orden de Compra original, el personal de Auria tiene instrucciones de crear una Orden de Compra complementaria en lugar de enmendar la Orden de Compra original. El proveedor deberá emitir una factura adicional referenciando la NUEVA Orden de Compra para un proceso pago eficiente.

Cualquier duda respecto a este proceso favor de contactar al departamento de compras de Auria.


Saludos cordiales,

Marcos De Lorenzo Tonndorf

VP of Global Supply Chain Mgmt.

Terms and Conditions

Auria is a global company. It is important to note, however, that it is the official policy to conduct all of its business in English.

As a condition of using this Supplier portal and being considered for the award of any contract, you agree that:

  1. All negotiations, communications and notices in relation to or under any contract shall be in English, and
  2. Auria shall not be bound by any statement or representation made in any language other than English to the maximum extent permitted by law.

North America
United States/Mexico/Canada

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

South Africa


April 2, 2018

Attention Auria Suppliers,

Auria has now received the direct pay authorizations for sales and use tax incurred in all the US states it has a physical presence (e.g. Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina). Effective immediately cease charging Auria sales and use tax on all invoices. The authorizations from each state are available below.

Detroit Metro Offices

North Carolina
Old Fort


South Carolina


We are here to support you. If you have questions or technical issues please contact us.

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