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AURIA believes that open communication leads to the most effective Supplier relationships. The Supplier Portal is here to support and help you find:

1. Links to AURIA’s web based applications
2. Introduction and required Forms to AURIA’s Compliance Program
3. Access to the Global Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
4. Additional information on all pertinent Applications and Communications required to successfully conduct business with AURIA globally

Supply Chain Compliance

AURIA values our global Supplier partners who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and responsible material sourcing.

As part of our Supplier Requirements Manual and Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, AURIA requires all Suppliers to conform with AURIA’s Compliance Program.

Auria has contracted Assent Inc. to engage our supply chain to collect information for:
• Conflict Minerals
• Extended Minerals
• Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Survey

As part of our Supplier Compliance Program, please find below links:

Are you responding to an AURIA Quality Notice? If yes, please visit the Supplier Quality Tracking System (SQTS Link) on the main page.

Thank you for your support!


At Auria, diversity is an integral part of our business strategy and we are committed to pursuing a diverse supplier base that reflects the growth of minority and women-owned businesses.

Our policy is to provide opportunities for such enterprises to ensure fair consideration as vendors of goods and services. We support the surrounding communities in which we do business and recognize that partnering with diverse businesses is an important part of our purchasing processes. No potential supplier will be precluded from consideration on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin.

What We Buy

Auria purchases a variety of product materials, including production and non-production items to operate our facilities.

Occupying market leadership position in:

  • Fiber-Based Systems
  • Flooring and Acoustic Systems

Definition Of Diverse Supplier A business qualifying as a diverse supplier requires U.S. citizenship and 51% ownership, operation and daily management. The most commonly used categories for use include:

  • MBE – Minority Business Enterprise
  • WBE – Women Business Enterprise

Minority Businesses are businesses owned by

  • African Americans
  • Hispanic Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Asian Americans

Verification on the ownership of all companies will be done on an annual basis. Contractor/suppliers must be registered a member in good standing with one or both of the following organizations and submit a current copy of certification.

National Minority Supplier Development Council affiliates or the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certification affiliates to be classified as one of the above mentioned categories.

To: Auria Suppliers, Vendors or other External Service Providers

December 8, 2021

Letter of Agency

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Auria has entered into an agreement with Assent Compliance as our technology and regulatory compliance partner on a global basis.  Under the agreement Assent Compliance manages all aspects of the Auria Supplier Portal and is authorized on behalf of Auria to solicit responses to specific data and regulatory requests from all of our suppliers.

Data and regulatory requests will be sent to you by Assent in a series of communications each year. Prior to receiving requests for information you may be contacted by an Assent representative for training, which may include educational resources and an onboarding guide on how to provide the critical and necessary data.  Timely receipt of accurate information from our suppliers is critical to ensure Auria can meet both its legal and customer obligations.

For these reasons, Auria  is asking for your full support regarding all upcoming data and regulatory requests that you receive from Assent Compliance.  Please be assured that appropriate confidentiality clauses between Auria and Assent Compliance have been concluded to ensure the integrity of your information and to prevent it from misuse.

In case of questions, please reach out to your Regional Auria Supplier Quality Manager:

North America: Mr. Arjun Ramachandran; phone: +1 (248) 508-0221 / Arjun.Ramachand[email protected]

Europe / South Africa: Mr. Emilio Garrido Barrio; phone: Mobile: +49 175 5759 143 / [email protected]

Kind Regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Marcos De Lorenzo Tonndorf, VP, NA Product Development & Global Supply Chain Management

Stephen Spohr, Director, Global Supply Chain

View Signed Document


Terms and Conditions

Auria is a global company. It is important to note, however, that it is the official policy to conduct all of its business in English.

As a condition of using this Supplier portal and being considered for the award of any contract, you agree that:

  1. All negotiations, communications and notices in relation to or under any contract shall be in English, and
  2. Auria shall not be bound by any statement or representation made in any language other than English to the maximum extent permitted by law.

North America
United States/Mexico/Canada

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

South Africa

*Please note a correction in our Terms and Conditions published 2022 covering the change from TS to IATF.


April 2, 2018

Attention Auria Suppliers,

Auria has now received the direct pay authorizations for sales and use tax incurred in all the US states it has a physical presence (e.g. Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina). Effective immediately cease charging Auria sales and use tax on all invoices. The authorizations from each state are available below.

Detroit Metro Offices

North Carolina
Old Fort


South Carolina


We are here to support you. If you have questions or technical issues please contact us.

Contact Us

Please reference the attached documents including our manual for the Auria Solutions EDI and Label guidelines. In case of questions, required user setup or user maintenance in the Auria EDI portal please contact us. Don’t forget to include your company name, supplying Auria plant, name, email and if applicable your existing user name.

Auria’s Supplier Quality Tracking System (SQTS) enables suppliers to respond to Quality Notices generated by Auria Sites and Customers.

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