Electric Vehicle Solutions
Actions speak louder than words

Electric Vehicle design differs from that of gasoline and diesel vehicles. And while the result is quieter engine noise, it often comes at the expense of undesirable noises previously masked by the combustion engine. Enter Auria – Acoustic Solutions for the electric age. We understand that electric vehicles require uniquely engineered acoustical solutions with equal attention to weight reduction, and we create the comfortable environment your customers demand from the inside out.

Our Electric Vehicle Credentials Are Sound
  • Provide acoustical & flooring solutions to current electric vehicle and hybrid programs across the globe
  • Nearly a half-century of experience optimizing NVH and weight, including vehicles equipped with new powertrains, such as EVs and hybrids
Testing And Development Capabilities
  • Acoustic mapping analysis of the complete vehicle
  • Source localization analysis-near field acoustic holography
  • Acoustic weak point analysis of vehicle sub systems
  • Sound intensity analysis of subsystems and full vehicle
  • Acoustic material measurements: transmission loss, air flow resistance, and acoustic absorption
  • Mathematical simulation of vehicle and material acoustics
  • Proprietary EV NVH benchmarking database