Automotive Acoustic Systems
Hearing is believing

Auria automotive acoustic systems block and absorb road and structural noise and reduce engine noise in the vehicle’s interior. Our unique NVH testing and development facilities around the world enable us to create the right interior noise solution for our customers. Looking to the future, our products and expertise are ideal for the move toward electric vehicles (EV). While electric vehicles provide a quieter engine, it often comes at the expense of undesirable noises previously masked by the combustion engine. Auria’s proprietary electric vehicle acoustic systems are designed to alleviate this problem.

Auria’s vehicle acoustic systems include dash insulators and absorbers, airlay and densified fiber, vertical lapped fiber, mass back extrusion, foam in place and custom sheeting.

Nearly 50 years of NVH product development expertise
A wide range of solutions to meet interior acoustic requirements, while also satisfying price and performance demands
Testing and Development
Dedicated electric vehicle (EV) NVH product testing and development
Vehicle Sound Insulation: Hear a Distinguishable Difference
  • Dash Insulators & Absorbers
  • Mass Back Extrusion
  • Airlay & Densified Fiber
  • Vertical Lapped Fiber
  • Foam In Place
  • Custom Compounding / Sheeting