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Auria is the world’s second largest supplier of automotive acoustic and other fiber-based products. The Company consists of 17 manufacturing facilities, 10 technical/business centers, and approximately 3,900 employees globally.

Global Mission
Our Customers
Our Customers

We will earn and keep our customers’ confidence through a measurable commitment to quality, delivery and an attitude of service and collaboration.

Our People
Our People

We will foster a positive working environment in which to engage our employees that they may be inspired to achieve career goals and empowered to advance the company’s goals.

Our Products
Our Products

We will distinguish ourselves from the competition through our extensive, combined product and process know-how, coupled with a commitment to innovate the next generation of automotive acoustic and other fiber-based systems for our customers.

Our Shareholders
Our Shareholders

We will deliver on our commitments. This will create shareholder value and ensure continued investment, growth and longevity for our company.

Global Mission


We are committed to inspiring our employees through a culture of teamwork, accountability, integrity and respect.


Innovation is our fuel for growth. We will deliver market leading innovation to our customers.


We will build sustainability practices into the fabric of everything we do.


Auria has a company-wide customer satisfaction vision. Our executive team boasts an unparalleled devotion to delivering industry-leading innovation, quality and cost-effective products and solutions. This philosophy emanates throughout our entire organization.

President & Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Financial Officer
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Senior VP, IT & Internal Audit, General Counsel, & Corporate Secretary
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Senior VP / Managing Director Europe & Chief Sustainability Officer
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Executive VP & Managing Director, Asia & RSA
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Fostering commitment & cooperation

Auria is committed to good corporate citizenship in the communities in which we operate. Our goal is to continue the community outreach established as part of our heritage companies, while establishing new ones with the growth of our company.


Building sustainability into the fabric of our products and processes has led us to define comprehensive roadmaps with the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral and socially responsible along our value chain. Our intent is to extend our responsible business values along the entire value chain and minimize the effects on all people and the environment directly or indirectly connected with our activities.

With these initiatives we ensure that we multiply the positive impacts in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. This includes ensuring that no human-rights violations occur in connection with our activities and provides our customers with circular and resource-efficient products while minimizing our own impact on the environment and climate. We set ourselves the ultimate goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2045, fully covering all scopes of the GHG Protocol and reaching 65% by 2030.

Corporate Sustainability Report (2022)

Sustainability is paramount in all that Auria does

Auria’s processes and products help reduce environmental impact with recyclable materials and scrap sharing.

Our innovative developments, including Sonotec Carpet & Dash insulators, lighten vehicle weight and improve fuel economy. We also develop and use new textiles and natural material applications, including carpet manufactured from corn.

Auria supports only efficient manufacturing.

Zero Defects

From the top levels of the company down to the plant floor, Auria’s Zero Defects quality strategy provides the tool set and common metrics that help all Auria team members focus on the importance and execution of quality and strive for zero customer issues.

Quality is far more than just a number. It is part of the company DNA and Auria is committed to demonstrating it in all processes.

Code of Conduct
Commitment to Integrity

Auria has adopted this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to reflect its commitment to appropriate business behavior and to managing all areas of ethical risk. This Code provides guidance to Auria employees and affiliates to help you recognize and deal with ethical issues, report unethical or illegal conduct and maintain a culture of integrity, honesty and accountability at Auria. The Code is an integral element of Auria’s business conduct.

Download Auria’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics